- 12/14 weeks (16 weeks for foreign)


- Vaccinated twice of Triple vaccine (Rabies vaccine for foreign)

- Dewormed internally and externally

- Identified with microchip

- Veterinary certificate of good health

- European Passport (only for foreigners)

- FIFe pedigree

- We do not sell kittens to homes with free outlet to the outside

- In houses with gardens should have a fence to prevent escape or theft of a kitten

- In apartments, the windows and balconies must be protected with fences to prevent a fall

- Our kittens have to stay with us up to three months, because this time with mother and brothers is very important to their socialization

- All our kittens are accustomed to the noise of a normal house, because all of us live in familiar environment

- We always try to choose the best owner for our kittens, which can give them love, care and security

- We are always willing to help other owners, to provide a safe place

- Contract signed by both sides