We are a family that loves animals! Since I can remember the farm where I and my brothers have holidays, all animals shared our company!

But where born cat’s love?

I always desire to have cats, but as I had dogs, feared they incompatible. And I was postponing until my wish that some day my son came up with a abandoned cat. Although I hesitated, but ok. Now we just had to do that Margot (our epagneul breton) to accept the new cat. It was easier than I thought, just make them together eating the same plate. The dog continued hunter cats in the street, but at home knew the Miu (a European one little cat) as a member of the family. This proves that there is even a family ecosystem, where all the animals to adapt to each other ... and nothing is impossible!

Meanwhile to make company to Miu, we brought Lucas (a chinchilla Persian silver shaved black, beautiful). My childhood was great illusion of having a white Persian, and I felt in love for Lucas as soon as I saw, and he was the baby there at home until his tragic death will in 2005! As I and my children were very sad and terrified, thought to have another cat, but the unique Lucas was not the idea, we didn't want remember!

Tried another race, we wanted to a cat with very large and also by loving. Also like dogs, because we adopted another dog, abandoned by a hunter and then saved by my daughter to be hit: Bidú! We browse on the Internet and found this magnificent breed of Norwegian Forest cats. Investigating, we found that cats were, with respect to lynx, but so sweets, dedicated and who love dogs and all members of the house. Finally, the great companions for a family.

When we saw the Apollo with two months we felt in love and we couldn’t resist. He looks like a little lion, and with the two and a half months longer he already lived with us. However as I have a big house with terrace and garden, the idea of cattery emerged, although we knew from the outset that we don't want many cats, for everyone can live with us, inside the house with all the love and attention. This idea of cattery appeared, not for profit but the thrill of having babies at home from time to time, and for the opportunitie to show this brilliant animal race to the world, but making a serious cattery

Then began the search for a companion to Apollo, and we will find the Amy, Germany, near the North Sea. She was sweet and beautiful, with three months already lived with us. From spain brought Galea, “Leya” arrived with four months very playful and independent, but also sweet.

However the dream of a odd eyed white cat eyes became reality in late July 2008 when I went with my son to Holland to seek Agnes (Ariana). When we arrived we were immediately taken by it, she don't let we go and just wanted to play, in fact we had booked her sister, also odd eyed white but could not resist the charms of Agnes, who came with us to Lisbon. Like the blue tabbies also fascinated me, after a long search and some setbacks, I found Viollet in Belgium. Vivi is a very active kitten and smart, but don't fall asleep without taking your dose of pampering.

I leave here my tribute to all the animals that shared our lives, and that gave us so much joy!